About Us

The International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC) was created on January 20, 2003. We represent the interests of licensed international mail order pharmacies that dispense Health Canada-approved medications from Canada via valid prescriptions. Websites that our members dispense for may also dispense medications from other regulated international sources via valid prescriptions.

Our goal is to foster the distanced-based delivery of high quality and affordable medications to patients. Our mission is to promote growth and vitality of our members.

Our members, licensed by the BC College of Pharmacists, exist to serve our approximately 1 million patients. The majority of these patients are from the US and are primarily elderly, disadvantaged and uninsured.

All of our members operate real-world, brick and mortar pharmacies and many provide walk-in services within their communities. We typically dispense a 90-day supply of pharmaceuticals. We do not dispense any controlled substances or narcotics. Largely because of the cost difference between medications in the US and Canada, drugs are 50-80% less expensive here than in any US pharmacy.

What are the reasons for these differences in price?

  1. There’s no price regulation in the US – the only western democracy not to regulate prices of patented medications.
  2. Canadian Federal Patented Medicine Prices Review Board and provinces regulate prices.

Some example of the drugs we dispense:

  • Plavix – prevention of blood clots and heart attacks
  • Lipitor – reduction of cholesterol
  • Wellbutrin XL – treating depression
  • Januvia – treating diabetes


Our pharmacies have a perfect safety record.

We require:

  • Valid prescription
  • Patient’s demographic and medical information
  • Licensed pharmacist on staff to supervise dispensing of medications and be available for patient consultation
  • All our members to have procedures in place to ensure patent privacy and confidentiality.

Effective Self-Monitoring

IPABC pharmacies are licensed and approved by their respective regulatory bodies and follow Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) standards of practice.

All our pharmacies display the CIPA red oval seal that denotes integrity, quality and trust. CIPA is aggressive in pursuing fraudulent online pharmacies.

Commitment to BC

Our members significantly contribute to the BC economy, and the demand for our industry is growing. We directly employ a range of full time staff, including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, call centre staff, IT technicians, shipping clerks, administrative staff.

International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia